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Light Sport Flying Club & School. Wycombe Air Park. Booker. Bucks. SL7 3DP

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COSTS: A typical 1 hour lesson will cost just £135.00

All flights are charged pro-rata at £13.50 for each .1 of Tacho Time (blocks to blocks), e.g. if you fly for .5 hrs it will be £67.50 etc. If you do a 1 hour flight the cost is £135. Once you have a share in the aircraft the cost will reduce…

A typical share cost is just £8,000.00 for a full equity share

The cost of flying without a share at L.S.F.C is £135 per hour (all inc.) You can continue to train up to solo stage without a share, this can take around 20-25ish hours depending on the person and frequency of training, typically around 4 -6 months. At L.S.F.C we require you enter into one of our share schemes before flying solo. A share in our new SL state of the art fully equipped aircraft is £8k. There is a service charge of £50 per calendar month to cover all overheads like tie downs, maintenance, insurance, permit fees etc. You can then fly your aircraft for £40 per hour. Any instructor fees are charged at £75 per hour. Each group is managed by the share holders.

So to summarise during training...

 Without a share £135 per hour

 With a share £115 per hour (but take into account the monthly fee of £50)

 I would estimate a budget £13-14k for the training and a share from ab-initio to licence, this you can spread over a couple of years or more if you want to. Remember the share is an equity share and can be sold at a later date.

 Once licensed you just pay the monthly fee and £40 p hour for the aircraft (includes fuel and is flight time only based on tacho time)

LSFC Membership fees are just £15 per year (£25 initial joining fee, Inc. first years membership) other costs, basic stuff like Headsets, planning equipment, maps, etc. probably a min of £500 this can be spread over time as we can loan stuff until licensed. During training all costs are covered fuel landings at Wycombe etc.

I can only estimate costs as everyone is different but this about average.


We can help you through your ground exams with a comprehensive ground school. Small groups or even one to one, and take your exam starlight after while its fresh. If you prefer you can self study and just do the exams. They are…

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Come along for a trail lesson and get hands on, no commitment we would be delighted to show you around the airfield and local area.

   1 hour trial lesson £135.00

   40 min trial lesson £ 90.00

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Currently we do not hire out our aircraft at Wycombe, instead we form small like minded groups of pilots and students in each aircraft. Currently we have four Team Eurostar's and two new EV-97 Eurostar SL.