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Some common questions…

What is a microlight? Simply put, an aircraft with a max all up weight of 450kgs, you can find the full details on the NPPL page.

Do I need a medical? Yes but this is a declaration of health signed by your own GP

Can I fly abroad in a microlight ? Yes you can! We often fly to Le Touquet for a day trip and lunch, we have flown down to Gibraltar via Spain and Portugal.

Can I fly other light aircraft or upgrade my licence ? Yes you can with further training, upgrades can be done should you wish, the details are on the NPPL web site.

I fly weight shift currently can I fly a 3 axis? Yes but you will need some differences training and a sign off.

Do I have to have a share? With us yes but only when you are ready for solo flight. We have several options available, for your first few hours you will be in the club aircraft and there is no need for a share.

Other? Please contact us and ask.

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This short video will show you just how much fun it is to fly a microlight, once you have seen this go to our Trial Flight Page and book up today.

If you would like to find out more please contact us by email or phone, we would be pleased to meet up with you at Wycombe Air Park and show you around and discuss things with absolutely no commitment.

We have over 10 years of flight training at Wycombe Air Park, with thousands of hours logged, and helped many through to licence, most of which still fly with our club today.

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Welcome to our web site. We offer Microlight Flight Training

From Wycombe Air Park, Booker, located just to the west of

London, Junction 4 of the M40.

There are 200 hundred Team Eurostar EV97 Microlights flying in the UK, the Eurostar is build and maintained at Wycombe Air Park by Light Sport Aviation Ltd, see www.lightsportaviation.org.uk for more on this popular and proven design for training and touring alike. The New EV-97 Eurostar SL Microlight with an aircraft parachute recovery system as standard with ten now sold.

Please contact us for information regarding training to your PPL Microlight licence,

conversions, or aircraft sales and shares.

The dream to fly and explore the sky