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As a student do I need a share?

No not at first, we can start your training on an aircraft without a share up to your solo stage (typically 15-20 hours) but you will need to commit to a share before flying solo, at this point you will know if you intend to continue and be ready to buy in anyway. You can buy in earlier if you wish making a small saving on training costs.

Can I sell my share?

Depending on what group you go into yes, in most cases where people have for various reasons had to sell their share they have recouped most of their investment. We offer a cheaper non equity share in one aircraft for those who perhaps do not want to commit too much money in the early stages and although there is a resale value here it will diminish over the first year, you will need to discuss this in more detail before you commit.

Okay so what does it cost?

There are different options available (as listed above)from a 1:8 equity share, each group is self managed and maintained with a treasurer and maintenance person.

The share costs £8000 for a 1:10th share in the new EV-97 SL Eurostar, there is a monthly fee of just £50 and an hourly rate including fuel at £40. (at April 2015). The costs are airborne time only so you not charged when on the ground at your destination. There are no overnight charges

All of the aircraft are fitted out to a great spec with panel radio and transponder mode S

We would be happy to discuss with you the options that might best suit your needs, please arrange a meeting with us at the airfield so we can show you the options and give you all details of how things work.

Steve Pike 07746 373637