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The best way is to come and talk to us, no pressure or commitment, we can just run through all in and outs of the licence types and clear up some myths and confusions around microlight flying.

Memories that last a lifetime

NPPL Microlight Licence

The National Private Pilot's Licence (NPPL) came into effect at the end of July 2002. This licence is aimed purely at those wishing to fly for fun rather than those who want a stepping stone to a commercial licence. NPPL Microlight pilots can fly on a straight forward NPPL medical issued by your own doctor. So providing your’re reasonably fit you can fly a microlight.

The minimum hours to an NPPL Microlight Licence is 25, however expect a few more.

How much does it cost?  We charge just £135 per hour

With only a modest amount of additional training and some more exams, microlight pilots can gain the option to fly heavier four seat aircraft, like a Cessna for instance.

Flying overseas… Yes you can!

Microlights are able fly abroad! We have done many trips to France and Europe, we have flown to Le Touquet on many occasions plus Spain, Portugal, Germany, also to Gibraltar.

The legal definition of a microlight

Modern Microlights essentially fall into two categories.

The weightshift or flexwing type of aircraft has a trike unit suspended under a wing, which was originally evolved from the hang glider. Control on this type is by using the control bar to shift the weight of the trike relative to the wing.

The 3-axis type of microlight on the other hand looks like, and some cases will outperform a traditional light aircraft. Some are fabric covered and others have an all metal skin.

Both are covered by the basic definition:

Microlight aeroplane means an aeroplane designed to carry not more than two persons which has:

(a) a maximum total weight authorised not exceeding: 300kg for a single seat 450kg for a                  two seat

(b) either a wing loading at the maximum weight authorised not exceeding 25kg per square               metre

or a stalling speed at the maximum weight authorised not exceeding 35 knots calibrated                   airspeed"

These are the latest EV-97 Eurostar Microlight Aircraft to emerge from our factory

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